How to add two time in python

I'm really disappointed if there is not any more pythonic solution... :(

Horrible one ->

timeList = [ '0:00:00', '0:00:15', '9:30:56' ]

ttt = [map(int,i.split()[-1].split(':')) for i in timeList]
seconds=reduce(lambda x,y:x+y[0]*3600+y[1]*60+y[2],ttt,0)
#seconds == 34271

This one looks horrible too ->

zero_time = datetime.datetime.strptime('0:0:0', '%H:%M:%S')
ttt=[datetime.datetime.strptime(i, '%H:%M:%S')-zero_time for i in timeList]
# delta==datetime.timedelta(0, 34271)

# str(delta)=='9:31:11' # this seems good, but 
# if we have more than 1 day we get for example str(delta)=='1 day, 1:05:22'

Really frustrating is also this ->

sum(ttt,zero_time).strftime('%H:%M:%S')  # it is only "modulo" 24 :( 

I really like to see one-liner so, I tried to make one in python3 :P (good result but horrible look)

import functools
timeList = ['0:00:00','0:00:15','9:30:56','21:00:00'] # notice additional 21 hours!
sum_fnc=lambda ttt:(lambda a:'%02d:%02d:%02d' % (divmod(divmod(a,60)[0],60)+(divmod(a,60)[1],)))((lambda a:functools.reduce(lambda x,y:x+y[0]*3600+y[1]*60+y[2],a,0))((lambda a:[list(map(int,i.split()[-1].split(':'))) for i in a])(ttt)))
# sum_fnc(timeList) -> '30:40:11'

1import datetime as dt
2t1 = dt.datetime.strptime('12:00:00', '%H:%M:%S')
3t2 = dt.datetime.strptime('02:00:00', '%H:%M:%S')
4time_zero = dt.datetime.strptime('00:00:00', '%H:%M:%S')
5print((t1 - time_zero + t2).time())

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How to add two different times in Python?

import datetime as dt
t1 = dt.datetime.strptime('12:00:00', '%H:%M:%S')
t2 = dt.datetime.strptime('02:00:00', '%H:%M:%S')
time_zero = dt.datetime.strptime('00:00:00', '%H:%M:%S')
print((t1 - time_zero + t2).time())


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How do you add time in Python?

Use the timedelta() class from the datetime module to add time to datetime, e.g. result = dt + timedelta(hours=2, minutes=25, seconds=24) .

How do you add HH mm in Python?

Firstly, we will Import 'datetime' and 'timedelta' from datetime module, Then we will store our Present time in a variable. After that, we will align date in “HH:MM:SS” format. Now we can print our Present time.

How do you add 1 second to time in Python?

Use the timedelta() class from the datetime module to add seconds to datetime, e.g. result = dt + timedelta(seconds=24) .

How do I add hours and minutes to a time in Python?

To add minutes to the current time in Python:.
Use the datetime. now() method to get the current local date and time..
Create a timedelta object by passing the number of minutes to the timedelta class..
Sum the current time and the timedelta object..